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About Urutapu

Urutapu is more than a funeral service provider. We are a community rooted in Māori traditions, offering eco-friendly and affordable solutions for end-of-life ceremonies. We provide a unique approach to funeral services that respects both our cultural heritage and the environment.

Our Services

kōpakui tupāpaku

Kōpaki Tupāpaku (Flax Caskets)

Hand-woven, eco-friendly, and affordable, our flax caskets offer a natural alternative to traditional coffins.


Atamira Mātao (Cooling Pads)

An eco-friendly embalming solution, our cooling pads keep the body cool during the funeral, aligning with natural burial practices.

weaving ropes at kōpaki wananga

Kōpaki Wānanga

We offer workshops that teach whānau how to weave their own kōpaki, providing a therapeutic activity during a time of grief.


Experience the Urutapu Journey

Join us on a heartfelt journey as we walk alongside a whānau, providing our unique, eco-friendly, and culturally sensitive funeral services. This video showcases the Urutapu experience from start to finish, demonstrating our commitment to honouring traditions, respecting the environment, and supporting whānau during a time of loss.

Watch as we weave a hand-crafted Kōpaki Tupapaku (flax casket), an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional coffins.

At Urutapu, we're not just providing a service; we're building a community, celebrating life, and respecting the cycle of nature.

Join us on this journey and see how we're making a difference, one whānau at a time.

Discover Urutapu and Our Founder, Pania Roa

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